Payments & Cash Management

Efficient local and global solutions for your cash management

In an ever-changing competitive environment, reliable and efficient cash management is a major factor in the success of your commercial transactions.


GTB has therefore designed domestic and international solutions for corporations and institutional investors to improve their payment methods, monitor their accounts, manage their transactions remotely and pool their cash. Relying a global network in more than 50 countries, we can meet a wide variety of your requirements.

Optimising and harmonizing your payments

In all these countries, GTB offers a suitable standard solution for issuing your payments and receipts and collections any transactions initiated by you to ensure they are carried out properly.
With our extensive product line, you can process all your payments (to suppliers, employees, etc.) and collections.

Monitoring your accounts and managing your transactions remotely

With our products you can transmit your orders throughout the world with the utmost security and efficiency and receive a detailed report.
Wherever your bank is located and wherever your accounts are domiciled, our solutions are adatpted to main payment instruments.

Pooling your cash

our automated cash pooling solutions give you efficient tools to monitor your group’s overall position and improve your cash management. This can significantly facilitate your investment decisions.