Factoring and Supply Chain Finance

To optimise your cash, control your risks, assist your suppliers and simplify your management

Factoring and supply chain finance offer many advantages for a secure client/supplier relationship. With its global focus, GTB can help you expand your business abroad.


Societe Generale Factoring, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Societe Generale group, is one of the principal factoring companies in France and is extremely active on the global market.


It belongs to the global network of factoring companies, Factors Chain International (FCI), and covers more than 60 countries to process import-export transactions for clients with the utmost efficiency.


The solutions we provide cover the short-term financing needs of all businesses, from very small businesses to major corporations.


As a specialist in the field of inter-company credit, we offer four main services in France and abroad:
– Optimised finance by financing your Receivables and introducing programmes that impact the balance sheet,
– Administrative and accounting management of Receivables and recovery,
– Securing the growth of your business by hedging your client risks,
– Supplier-credit finance (supply chain finance).


Wherever we operate, we have a broad, comprehensive, innovative and scalable line of products and services that can be adjusted at all times to the expectations of any company irrespective of specific conditions (activity, regulations of the industry or the country, or the economic context of the target market).

Know more on our Supply Chain Finance (SCF) business

Societe Generale Factoring is a leading company in France in the Supply Chain Finance (SCF) business.


The purpose of SCF (or reverse factoring) is to offer the suppliers of a Large Prime Contractor a factoring solution under better terms than under direct contracts. This solution gives the supplier the benefit of the prime contractor’s signatory rights and provides better security for receivables.


On the French market, there is an increase in the demand for SCF services, which are less restrictive than other financing methods, with respect to both the Prime Contractor and its suppliers.


Societe Generale Factoring is becoming increasingly active on this market by developing a line of products and services and offering tailor-made corporate solutions.