Correspondent Banking Activities

A global network dedicated to Banks and Financial Institutions

Globalisation and the increased complexity of transactions require, now more than ever, cutting-edge technologies and a world class service provider.

More than 1,000 financial institutions rely on GTB to process many international financial transactions such as:
– Euro and in other currencies account maintenance,
– Commercial payments and Cash Treasury clearing,
– Payments and collection, associated with innovative reporting solutions and specific services.

Cash Treasury & Commercial payments clearing

Societe Generale is a direct participant in pan-European and domestic clearing systems in several countries.

We act as intermediary for Banks non member of a clearing system, to avoid them investing in a direct connection.Thanks to Societe Generale’s experience and expertise, and to its extended international retail network, GTB is able to process EUR, USD, BGN, CZK, DZD, MAD, RON, PLN and RUB payments, with strong capacities in other currencies.

Payments are routed regardless of their characteristics or final destination using a network of preferred correspondents to enhance the Societe Generale retail network.

To monitor your payments, Societe Generale, via a unified portal, provides you with its web-based reporting tool, WebClear, which displays the details of each payment, the status and the associated balances. You have access to your invoices and to a detailed analysis of the reasons for any corrections made in your orders to improve their quality.

Our WebCheques/SogeCheque web tools also provide you with all the relevant data concerning the collection of your cheques in France or in other countries.

We can also provide you with a multi-currency online trading tool.